Limpid Forms



The work is based directly on the maritime history of the Bristol Diving School site. The little centrally located room with the wide window has been transformed into an aquarium. The installation comprises of three ventilators, with the same number of shower caps.
Through the improved efficiency of the pool filters, the obligatory capwearing became redundant and the field of its application was reduced to the hotel bathroom. In the installation „Limpid Forms“ the shower cap celebrates its move out of the waters of the swimming pool with a dance which, aided by air, streams from ventilators. Referencing the element of its past, the cap metamorpho- ses into a sea dweller.


In der Bristol Diving Scool, die in einen Kunstraum umgewandelt wurde, wurde der zentrale kleine Raum in ein Aquarium umgewandelt. In der Installation Limpid Forms feiert die Duschhaube den Auszug aus dem Wasser des Schwimmbads mit einem Tanz, mithilfe von Luft, die aus Ventilatoren strömt.
Auf ihr früheres Element verweisend formt sie sich dabei zu einem Meeresbewohner.